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Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen
Bold Venture
Challenge of the Yukon Vol 1
Challenge of the Yukon Vol 2
Challenge of the Yukon Vol 3
Challenge of the Yukon Vol 4
Clyde Beatty Show
Escape Volume 1
Escape Volume 2
Escape Volume 3
Frank Merriwell
Horatio Hornblower
I Love A Mystery
I Love Adventure
Railroad Hour
Speed Gibson
The Avenger
The Chase
The Lives of Harry Lime
Theater 1030 and the Silver Theater
World Adventurers
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Bob and Ray

Bob and Ray Vol 1
Bob and Ray Vol 2
Bob and Ray Vol 3
Bob and Ray Vol 4
Bob and Ray Vol 5
Bob and Ray Vol 6
Bob and Ray Vol 7
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CD Samplers

4th Of July Sampler
Christmas CD Sampler
Comedy Sampler
Detective Sampler
Easter Sampler
Father Day Sampler
Game Show Sampler
Lux Radio Classics
Mothers Day Sampler
Tax Sampler
Thanksgiving Sampler
Valentines Sampler
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15 Minute Fibber McGee and Molly
A Date With Judy
A Day In The Life Of Dennis Day
Abbott and Costello
Adventures of Maisie
Al Pearce and the gang
Aldrich Family
Amos and Andy Volume 1
Amos and Andy Volume 2
Amos and Andy Volume 3
Baby Snooks
Blondie And Dagwood
Bob Hope Vol 1
Bob Hope Vol 2
Bob Hope Vol 3
Bob Hope Vol 4
Bob Hope Vol 5
Bob Hope Vol 6
Burns and Allen Volume 1
Burns and Allen Volume 2
Charolette Greenwood Show
Clitheroe Kid Vol 1
Clitheroe Kid Vol 2
Clitheroe Kid Vol 3
Clitheroe Kid Vol 4
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
Duffys Tavern Volume 1
Duffys Tavern Volume 2
Easy Aces
Eb and Zeb
Ed Wynn Show
Eddie Cantor
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Vol 1
Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Vol 2
Father Knows Best
Fibber McGee and Molly Vol 1
Fibber McGee and Molly Vol 2
Fibber McGee and Molly Vol 3
Fibber McGee and Molly Vol 4
Fibber McGee and Molly Vol 5
Fred Allen Vol 1
Fred Allen Vol 2
Gasoline Alley
Great Gildersleeve Vol 1
Great Gildersleeve Vol 2
Great Gildersleeve Vol 3
Great Gildersleeve Vol 4
Great Gildersleeve Vol 5
Great Gildersleeve Vol 6
Halls Of Ivy
Hancocks Half Hour
Honest Harold
Jack Benny Volume 1
Jack Benny Volume 2
Jack Benny Volume 3
Jack Benny Volume 4
Jack Benny Volume 5
Jack Benny Volume 6
Jack Benny Volume 7
Jack Benny Volume 8
Jack Benny Volume 9
Jack Paar Show
Judy Canova
Let George Do It Volume 1
Let George Do It Volume 2
Let George Do It Volume 3
Life of Riley Vol 1
Life of Riley Vol 2
Life of Riley Vol 3
Life With Luigi
Louella Parsons
Lum and Abner Vol 1
Lum and Abner Vol 2
Lum and Abner Vol 3
Lum and Abner Vol 4
Lum and Abner Vol 5
Mayor Of The Town
Meet the Meeks
Mel Blanc Show
Men From the Ministry
Milton Berle
Misadventures of Si and Elmer
Mr and Mrs Blandings
Mr and Mrs North
My Favorite Husband
My Friend Irma
Old Gold Comedy Theater
Our Miss Brooks Vol 1
Our Miss Brooks Vol 2
Our Miss Brooks Vol 3
Ozzie And Harriet
Phil Harris and Alice Faye
Red Skelton
Smiths Of Hollywood
Son Of Cliche
The Alan Young Show
The Beulah Show
The Bickersons
The Hardy Family
The Marriage
Vic and Sade
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Address Unknown
Barry Craig Confidential Investigator
Blue Beetle
Boston Blackie Volume 1
Boston Blackie Volume 2
Broadway Is My Beat Vol 1
Broadway Is My Beat Vol 2
Bulldog Drummond
Calling all Cars Vol 1
Calling All Cars Vol 2
Calling All Cars Vol 3
Candy Matson
Casebook of Gregory Hood
Casey CrI'me Photographer
Counter Spy
Crime Classics
Crime Club
Crime Does Not Pay
Danger With Granger
Dragnet Volume 1
Dragnet Volume 2
Dragnet Volume 3
Ellery Queen
Epic Casebook Inspector Car
FBI in Peace and War
Frank Race
Guilty Party
I Was a Communist for the FBI
Its A Crime MR Collins
Jeff Regan
Johnny Dollar
Johnny Dollar 15 Minute Volume 1
Johnny Dollar 15 Minute Volume 2
Johnny Dollar 30 Minute Volume 1
Johnny Dollar 30 Minute Volume 2
Michael Shayne Private I
MR I.A. Moto
Pat Novak For Hire
Paul Temple
PhI'llip Marlowe
Philo Vance
Police Reporter
Richard Diamond
Rocky Fortune
Rocky Jordan
Sam Spade
Secret Agent K7
Secrets of Scotland Yard
Sherlock Holmes Staring John Stanley
Squad Cars
That Hammer Guy
The Line Up
The Saint
The Witness
This is Your FBI Vol 1
This is Your FBI Vol 2
This is Your FBI Vol 3
This is Your FBI Vol 4
True Detective Mysteries
Walk Softly Peter Troy
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21st Precinct Vol 1
21st Precinct Vol 2
A Life In Your Hands
Academy Award Theater
American Trail
Big Town
Black Museum
Box 13
Bright Star
Campbells Playhouse Vol 1
Campbells Playhouse Vol 2
Case Dismissed
CBS Radio Workshop
Cloak and Dagger
Damon Runyon Theater
Danger DR Danfield
Dangerously Yours
DR Christian Vol 1
DR Christian Vol 2
Encore Theater
Family Doctor
Front Page Drama
Green Hornet
Green Valley Line
Hallmark Playhouse
Heartbeat Theater
In The Name Of The Law
Jack Armstrong
Leatherstocking Tales
Lives of Harry Lime
Lord Peter wI'msey
Magnificent Montague
Man Called X
Mercury Theater
MR District Attourney
MR President
NBC Short Story
NBC University Theater Vol 1
NBC University Theater Vol 2
Nero Wolfe and Nick Carter
nero wolfe CBC
Night Editor
Nightbeat Vol 1
Nightbeat Vol 2
Pete Kellys Blues
Redbook Dramas
Rogers of the Gazzette
Screen Directors Playhouse Vol 1
Screen Directors Playhouse Vol 2
Screen Directors Playhouse Vol 3
Screen Directors Playhouse Vol 4
Skippy Hollywood Theater
Story of DR Kildare
Studio One
Theater Five Vol 1
Theater Five Vol 2
Theater Guild On The Air Vol 1
Theater Guild On The Air Vol 2
Top Secret
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen
Whitehall 1212
Words At War
You Are the Jury
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Game Show

Double or Nothing
Information Please Vol 1
Information Please Vol 2
Information Please Vol 3
It Pays to be Ignorant
People Are Funny
Quiz Kids
Second Chance
Twenty Questions
You Bet Your Life Volume 1
You Bet Your Life Volume 2
You Bet Your Life Volume 3
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1948 News and Entertainment Clips
1949 News and Entertainment Clips
1950-59 News and Entertainment Clips
1960-69 News and Entertainment Clips
Adventures in Research
Adventures Of Danny Marsdon
American Adventure
Biography in Sound Vol 1
Biography in Sound Vol 2
Boot Leg Elvis Presley
Cavalcade of America Vol 1
Cavalcade of America Vol 2
CBS World News Today
Complete Broadcast Day June 6th 1944
Destination Freedom
Eyes Aloft
Famous Jury Trials
Franklin Delanor Roosevelt Historic Speeches
Greatest Story Ever Told
Horizons West
Man Behind the Gun
New Worlds a Comin
News and Entertainment from the 70s
Now Hear This
Orson Welles Commentaries
Pearl Harbor Broadcasts
Ports of Call
Ripleys Believe It or Not
Soldiers of the Press
Sound of War
Speaking Of Liberty
Tales Of The Foreign Service
The Pacific Story Vol 1
The Pacific Story Vol 2
Vietnam War Audio
Winston ChurchhI'll Historic Speeches
WW2 News Clips
WW2 News Clips from 1942-1943
WW2 News Clips from 1944-1945
WW2 News Clips from the 1930s
You Are There Vol 1
You Are There Vol 2
You Cant Do Business with Hitler
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Big John And Sparky
Blackstone Magic Detective
Bobby Benson And The B Bar B Riders
Bobby Bensons Adventures
Cinnamon Bear
Comic Weekly Man Vol 1
Comic Weekly Man Vol 2
Comic Weekly Man Vol 3
Comic Weekly Man Vol 4
Comic Weekly Man Vol 5
Cruise of the Poll Parrot
Dick Tracy
Flash Gordon
Hop Harrigan
Jerry of Fair Oaks
Jerry of the Circus
Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon
Jump Jump And The Ice Queen
Jungle JI'm Volume 1
Jungle JI'm Volume 2
Jungle JI'm Volume 3
Jungle JI'm Volume 4
Lets Pretend
Little Orphan Annie
Mark Trail
Mickey Mouse Theater
Sonny and Buddy
Strange As It Seems Vol 1
Strange As It Seems Vol 2
Superman Volume 1
Superman Volume 2
Superman Volume 3
Superman Volume 4
Superman Volume 5
Tarzan Diamond of Asher
Tarzan The Fires of Tohr
Tom Corbett Space Cadet
True Adventures Of Junior Gmen
Wormwood Forest
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ABC Mystery Time
Agatha Christie Mysteries
Alfred Hitchcock
Charlie Chan
Diamond Dramas
Diary of Fate
Elery Queen Minute Mysteries
Europe Confidential
Majestic Master Of Mystery
Molle Mystery Theater
MR Keene
Mysterious Circumstances
Mystery House
Mystery in the Air
Police Headquarters
Rogues Gallery
Shadow Of the Pharaoh
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Conway and Bruce
Sherlock Holmes Rathbone Bruce
Spy Catcher
Tales from the Tomb
The Falcon
The Whisperer
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Adventures By Morse
Arch Oblers Plays
BBC Superhereos
Beyond Midnight
Chandu The Magician
Creaking Door
Dark Fantasy
Devil and MR O
DI'mension X
Earth Search Volumes 1 and 2
Exploring Tomorrow
Fantastic 4
Fear on Four
Fifth Horseman
Future Tense
Hall Of Fantasy
Haunting Hour
Horror And Sci-Fi Sampler
Inner Sanctum Vol 1
Inner Sanctum Vol 2
Inner Sanctum Vol 3
Journey Into Space
Lights Out
Muder By Experts
Murder At Midnight
Mysterious Traveler
Mystery Is My Hobby
Nightfall Vol 1
Nightfall Vol 2
Orbit One Zero
Origin Of Superstition
Planet Man
Price Of Fear
Sci-Fi Radio
Sealed Book
Shadow Volume 1
Shadow Volume 2
Sleep No More
Space Patrol Vol 1
Space Patrol Vol 2
Strange DR Weird
Suspense Volume 1
Suspense Volume 2
Suspense Volume 3
Suspense Volume 4
Suspense Volume 5
Suspense Volume 6
Suspense Volume 7
The Hermits Cave
The Shadow of Fu Manchu
The Unexpected
The Whistler Volume 1
The Whistler Volume 2
The Whistler Volume 3
The Whistler Volume 4
The Whistler Volume 5
The Whistler Volume 6
Vanishing Point
Weird Circle
X Minus One Volume 1
X Minus One Volume 2
X Minus One Volume 3
Yankee Yarns
Zero Hour Volume 1
Zero Hour Volume 2
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Air Adventures of Biggles
Backstage Wife
Betty and Bob
Blackstone Magic Detective
Blair Of The Mounties
Captain Midnight Vol 1
Captain Midnight Vol 2
Couple Next Door Vol 1
Couple Next Door Vol 2
Couple Next Door Vol 3
Couple Next Door Vol 4
Couple Next Door Vol 5
Couple Next Door Vol 6
Couple Next Door Vol 7
Goldbergs Volume 1
Goldbergs Volume 2
Goldbergs Volume 3
Guilding Light
Ma Perkins
Terry and the Pirates Vol 1
Terry and the Pirates Vol 2
Young Widder Brown
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Short Programs

5 Minute Mysteries
Ask DR Science
Believe It Or Kill Me
Calling all Detectives
Fire Fighters
Ford 5 Minute Theater
Incredible But True
Return to Paper Plates
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Bill Stern Sports Newsreel
Boxing Classics
Classic Football and Baseball Broadcasts
Grantland Rice Sports Stories Vol 1
Grantland Rice Sports Stories Vol 2
Horse Racing
Kentucky Derby Broadcasts
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Alka Seltzer Time
Arther Godfrey
Authors Playhouse
Avalon TI'me
Behind the Mike
Bell Telephone Hour
Bing Crosby Volume 1
Bing Crosby Volume 2
Camel Caravan
Cantor Meets Jolson
Chesterfield Moonlight Serenade
chicago theater
Command Performance
Danny Kaye Show
Dinah Shore Show
First Nighter
Ford Theater
Frances Langford Show
G I Jive
Glen MI'ller Broadcasts
Grand Old Opry
Guest Star
Hedda Hoppers Hollywood
Jean Shepherd Vol 1
Jean Shepherd Vol 2
Jimmy Durante Show
Joan Davis Show
Jubilee Vol 1
Jubilee Vol 2
Jubilee Vol 3
Kraft Music Hall Vol 1
Kraft Music Hall Vol 2
Kraft Music Hall Vol 3
Leo is on the Air
Log Cabin Jamboree
Lux Radio Rehearsals
Lux Radio Theater Volume 1
Lux Radio Theater Volume 2
Lux Radio Theater Volume 3
Lux Radio Theater Volume 4
Lux Radio Theater Volume 5
Lux Radio Theater Volume 6
Lux Radio Theater Volume 7
Lux Radio Theater Volume 8
Maxwell House Good News
Movie Previews
NBC Christmas Reunion
Old TI'me Radio Commercials
One Night Stand Vol 1
One Night Stand Vol 2
Radio City Playhouse
Recollections at 30
Sammy Kaye Showroom
Sealtest Variety Theater
Stars Over Hollywood
The Big Show
the spike jones show
The Squibb Show
Too Hot For Radio
Treasury Star Parade
Wilson Nesbitt Summer Show
Your Hit Parade
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All Star Western Theater
Doctor Six Gun
Frontier Fighters
Frontier Gentlemen
Frontier Town
Gene Autry Melody Ranch
Gunsmoke Volume 1
Gunsmoke Volume 2
Gunsmoke Volume 3
Gunsmoke Volume 4
Gunsmoke Volume 5
Gunsmoke Volume 6
Have Gun WI'll Travel Vol 1
Have Gun WI'll Travel Vol 2
Hopalong Cassidy Volume 1
Hopalong Cassidy Volume 2
Lightening Jim
Lone Ranger Vol 1
Lone Ranger Vol 2
Lone Ranger Vol 3
Lone Ranger Vol 4
Lone Ranger Vol 5
Luke Slaughter
Ranger Bill Warrior of the Woodlands Vol 1
Ranger Bill Warrior of the Woodlands Vol 2
Ranger Bill Warrior of the Woodlands Vol 3
Red Ryder
Romance Of The Ranchos
Roy Rogers Show
Six Shooter
Tales of the Texas Rangers
The Last Of The Mohicans
The Smiley Burnette Show
Tom Mix
Wild BI'll Hickock
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Information Please Vol 2 Information Please Vol 3